So Much Fun!


Another wonderful ‘Dancin’ For Miracles’ is now under our belts!! As usual Valarie Keller and her dedicated team of volunteers did an amazing job. There is so much work involved in organizing, collecting gifts and running this fund-raising event …. it takes almost the whole year to prepare.

Great teachin’ and dancin’ as always. I heard lots of remarks on what a good mix of dances were taught with something for everyone. Dan did a terrific job DJing Friday evening and also during the day on the Saturday. It is always a lift for instructors teaching to have a smiling, encouraging face behind the controls, plus someone to bounce a joke off of!! Lynn Warden took over the controls Saturday evening with everyone delighted to see her.

Friday evening is meet, greet, dance and embarrass the instructors’ night!!! I have seen a video going the rounds so keep an eye open for it!!! Valarie also acknowledges the dancers no longer with us, very sad losses, but a reminder of why this fund-raising is so important.

Aside from dancing there are lots of opportunities to win amazing prizes. There are two raffles, plus the ‘Penny Sale’, the Silent Auction, and tickets for the opportunity to win a prize worth $1200. Amazingly I was the lucky winner! This means my husband (if he’s very good!) and I will have a two night stay at the Niagara Hilton together with wine tasting in Niagara On The Lake, a helicopter ride, comp passes to the Butterfly Conservatory and numerous other attractions. I still can’t really believe it, I am not normally a winner!!! The other two prizes were a patio set, and a $125 gift voucher for Walmart. Every table had prize winners at it.

Plenty of entertainment as well …… it was worth the price of admission to see Valarie and Double Trouble in their bloomers with bonnets to match! And, of course, the Country Cruisers who always delight. The hall was a speakeasy on the Saturday night and the Cruisers sure did it justice!! Lots of fantastic costumes on the dancers as well. The decoration was terrific also. Valarie spends hours checking websites to find just the right decoration for the annual theme and she hit it spot on this year.

This event is a very special one for Ontario dancers and I want to thank Valarie, Rose, their family and all the volunteers who put so much time and effort into it, it is a labour of love. All your efforts are truly appreciated by the dancers. Thanks also to the dancers who attend because as Valarie told them, the event couldn’t go on without them either.

Valarie announced the date for next year: September 7-9, theme “The Toy Box”. So start checking out those second hand stores!!!


Note:  $5000 were raised!  Congratulations to all.

*Instructors with Dances Taught.

  • DAN MORRISON: Together Again written by Dan in tribute to Callie Vardy
  • SUSAN MacFARLANE: Nasdravia by Laura & Becky Michaels/Stand Up and Boogie by Danny & Bongy
  • KATE HENRY: Hooked written by Kate
  • VIVIENNE SCOTT: Love Will Win/Ride The Roller Coaster both written by Vivienne
  • JUDY MARTIN: Lonely Drum by Darren Mitchell (hugely popular)/Come Home To Me written by Judy
  • MICHEL CABANA: I’ll Be Back written by Michel. This was Barbara Lumbers’ favourite dance.
  • JILL BAKER: Stillbaai Charleston by Alison Dixon
  • LAVINA MOTAMEDI: Hotel California (Salsa) written by Lavina/Get My Move On by Jonno Liberman
  • CATHY MONTGOMERY: That Love by Will Craig
  • KATHY K.: Tiny Feelings by Sue Hsu

Morning Dance: A Thing About Loving You by Pat Stott & Heather Barton

Thanks to Jennie Johns for her ‘Good Morning Warm Up/Zumba

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