There was a special tribute this year at Dancin’ For Miracles to a very dear person who had played a major role for many years. When you walked in the door you would invariably see Mrs. Betty Keller at the helm of the penny auction. All year she would collect in preparation for the big weekend! You would always get a friendly greeting and often a funny quip that would put a smile on your face. Betty passed away in March of this year and there was many a tear when Valarie told the dancers how proud her Mum would have been of them for all the toys they donated for the toy drive. Along with her family, we will all miss Betty and will not forget her presence and invaluable role in this impressive and fun-loving line dance event that has given us so much pleasure over the years and raised an enormous amount of money for charities.

The work that goes into this event is unreal, as soon as the weekend is over Valarie and her volunteers start work on next year’s event. And the dancers all benefit with 2018 being no exception!

Friday evening is meet, greet and dance as well as torture the instructors night!! Think hula hoops, Vaseline, slinkys and you will no doubt create your own visual image! It set us up in great good humour for our Saturday workshops. Instructors included Jennie Johns (our own Zumba guru!), Dan Morrison (wearing two hats as he also did a great job as DJ over the weekend, Dawn Cox (new on the stage and a very clear instructor), Christine Wilde (another newbie with a lovely gentle sense of humour), Kate Henry (who got us movin’ for sure with a smile and concise instruction), Ruurd Van De Ven (newbie no. 3 who is the best raffle ticket seller you could ever want as well as a fun-lovin’ instructor!), Victor Scaletchi (newbie no. 4 who taught one of my favourite dances of the day – thanks for your patience Victor!), and Fred Buckley who needs no introduction and is a crowd favourite. And, of course, Cathy Montgomery who keeps us chuckling as we learn!! Rachel Polak was up on the stage at one point as Cathy taught a new dance she co-wrote with Rachel, hubby Michael and Kelly Mathew.

The Toy Box was the theme this year and dancers let loose on the Saturday evening! Half the fun was checking out the costumes!! We also enjoyed another excellent performance from The Country Cruisers and crowd pleaser Lynn Warden kept the dance floor full as our evening DJ.  During the evening there were delighted cries as dancers learnt which prizes they had won! This event always has an amazing array of gifts to be won in the Penny Auction, Silent Auction, and the Raffles. You can also participate in the ‘Niagara Falls’ game as I call it!! The first prize is over $1000 worth of free passes to Niagara attractions including 2 nights in the Hilton, a helicopter ride and new this year, white water rafting.

Sunday is review and dance morning, then do allow a while to say your goodbyes! This event is one of the friendliest events you could possibly attend, you are immediately welcomed and embraced into the Dancin’ For Miracles family. You might only see another dancer once a year here in Wasaga but you will feel you are greeting a long-time friend. Thanks so much to Valarie and her helpers for the warm and supportive environment they have created. And, course, for their commitment and dedication to such worthwhile causes and at the same time to ensuring that we all go home with smiles on our faces.

In 2019 the theme will be ‘Wasaga Vegas’ so start hitting the charity shops now, let your imagination run wild!!!!! It will be the 20th anniversary of the event so come prepared to celebrate.

DANCES TAUGHT: (choreographed by instructor unless otherwise noted)
Fred Buckley: Another Song (Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie)
Dawn Cox: Like A Seven
Kate Henry: Life’s Good
Cathy Montgomery: Throwback (Adrian Churn), Slow & Easy, Down On My Knees (with Rachel & Michael Polak, and Kelly Mathew)
Dan Morrison: Do It Like This (Jonno Liberman), Lost & Young
Victor Scaletchi: Lil Mama (Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski)
Ruurd Van De Ven: Down In The Valley (Dan Morrison)
Christine Wilde: Feeling Blue, Foolish Lovers (Lynne Martino)
Morning Smile from Valarie, Bev and Cathy! One Of Those (Hana Ries)