Message from Valarie Keller

Valarie Keller

There are not enough words or ways to say THANK YOU to all of the volunteers that helped out to make DANCIN FOR MIRACLES another successful workshop. We should now call it DANCIN FOR MIRACLES ANNUAL FAMILY REUNION FUN RAISER. There are so many people to thank, Instructors- Jill Baker, Michel Cabana, Kate Henry, Kathy Kaczmarek, Susan Ann MacFarlane, Judy Martin, Cathy Montgomery, Dan Morrison, Lavina Motamedi, Vivienne Scott. Dance Team- Country Cruisers, Volunteer- Ella Turcotte, Bev Cain, Tom Cain, Carol Keller, Bev Robbins, Charlene Flanagan-White, Kelly Hines, Gloria Pividor-Kirchner, Hank Kirchner, Eileen Muracca, Dan Ledlie, Ruurd Van de Ven, Leanne Keller, Matthew Keller, Michel Cabana, Ron Comtois, Susan MacFarlane, Erika Bartlett, Jo-Ann West, Rhonda Nadon, Gisele Mansfield, Linda Grimson, Francoise Brazeau, Gail Wheeler, Valerie Davis, Don Davis, Doris Dubé, Kathy Karipy. My family at home who helped Natalie Natalie Szeman- Woodgate, Jeff Archambault Melissa Turcotte, Alex Haird, BettyJo Theriault, Chuck Keller, Dan Keller, Wendy Keller. Also all the dancers who attended without all of you we would not be able to do this event. A big THANK YOU to everyone who donated for the raffles, auction, penny sale. It takes a lot of people to make our event so successful, again I really appreciate each and everyone one of you. We raised $5000.00 to go to Hospice. Be very proud of your hard work, THANK YOU SO MUCH LOVE YOU ALL,SEE YOU SOME WHERE ON THE DANCE FLOOR.


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