Rose Turcotte is Valarie’s sister and a key figure in the organizing of Dancin’ For Miracles. She was involved with the event right from when Valarie took it over in 2001. Rose explained that they decided to make their charity of choice the Canadian Cancer Society as they had lost their father to pancreatic cancer

Together with Rose’s much loved husband Ray, who passed away and is very much missed, the three worked to make changes to the format of the event. They chased after donations and incorporated the Chinese Auction and their Mom’s Penny Sale, both of which have been big successes. But, as well as her involvement with so many other aspects of the event, Rose has become known as the ‘Costume Lady’!! If you have never been to the Event you might well ask what this means … well for many years the staff put on a show on the Saturday evening and the costumes were hilarious. In addition, on the Saturday morning Valarie, Bev and Double Trouble do a verrrrrrry serious teach wearing costumes that only someone completely dedicated to the cause would even consider being seen in!!! The audience of line dancers is usually doubled over with laughter. As Cathy M. said to me one year, “We just put on what Rose tells us to!”

Rose explained “The very first time I went to the workshop in Wasaga Beach (when it was under another name) I saw Anne Emslie dressed up to teach at the event and Andrew Kennedy – I was not dancing very much at the time – I was just the groupie with the Dust Kickers who Valarie and Ray danced with at the time. The following year the Dust Kickers were asked to do something and they decided to do a skit with the dance “Fat Sally Lee” and I helped dress everyone and of course Ray was Fat Sally Lee. We had so much fun doing this, the group was asked each year following to do something – they even came up with a version of the Wizard of Oz called the Wizard of Linedancing – it was hilarious!

I have always been involved with the costumes and my silent partner in crime is Bev Cain. We have always enjoyed coming up with the Saturday morning skit and doing the costumes. Anne Emslie and Andrew Kennedy were our inspiration and when Anne gave up teaching and doing her skits, she kindly donated her wigs and costumes to our group – we are still using some of her things.”

As you can tell from the above ‘Dancin’ For Miracles’ is a joint effort with every individual playing their own unique part and leaving us with wonderful memories until the next year rolls around. In this case we have Rose’s latest creations from last year’s event to smile about and also to anticipate what she might come up with in 2015!!     Here are some photos from the past to give you an idea!


Dancin' For Miracles - CostumesCostumes







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